Solar Electric Systems

Is a world leader in developing and producing photovoltaic modules. AQUASOLAR is at the forefront of many new technologies and applications, in addition to manufacturing solar powered water pumps and irrigation systems of the highest quality.

Solar Generator

SolarGen 1KW Image


SolarGen 1KW
1 KW solar generator

SolarGen 2KW Image


SolarGen 2KW
1 KW solar generator

SolaGen 5KW Image


SolaGen 5KW
5 KW solar generator

Emergency 3KW Image


Emergency 3KW
solar generator

Micro Power Plant 3000 Image


Micro Power Plant 3000
A Clean, Green, Backup Power Solution

Micro Power Plant 5000 Image


Micro Power Plant 5000
A Clean, Green, Backup Power Solution

Hybrid Power Plant 1000 Image


Hybrid Power Plant 1000
Solar/Wind Power Plant Generator

Hybrid Power Plant 3000 Image


Hybrid Power Plant 3000
Solar/Wind Power Plant Generator

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Pump 70' Image


Solar Pump 70'
Submersible pump 5 GPM

Solar Water Pump 100' Image


Solar Water Pump 100'
Submersible Pump Kit

Pneumatic Pump Image


Pneumatic Pump
Solar Pneumatic pump 500'

Solar Pressure Pump Image


Solar Pressure Pump
Solar Diaphram Pump 10 GPM

Solar Centrifugal Jet Image


Solar Centrifugal Jet
Solar Water Pump Jet Type

Solar Centrifugal Pump Image


Solar Centrifugal Pump
Solar Surface Centrifugal Water Pump

Solar Jet Pump Image


Solar Jet Pump
Solar Jet Water Pump with Adapter

Solar Multi Step Pump Image


Solar Multi Step Pump
Horizontal Centrifugal Water Pump

Wind Generator

Wind Turbine 400W Image


Wind Turbine 400W
Wind Turbine 24 vdc 400 Watt

Hybrid Wind Solar Image


Hybrid Wind Solar
Wind Solar Generator 500 Watt

Wind Water Pump Image


Wind Water Pump
Wind Submersible Pump 100'

Wind Street Lighting Image


Wind Street Lighting
Street lighting powered with an wind turbine

Solar Refrigeration

Tent Air Conditioner Image


Tent Air Conditioner
It is suitable to be used in a tent cooling.

Portable Air Conditioner Image


Portable Air Conditioner
DC Air Conditioner with Mosquito Net

Solar Split Air Conditioner Image


Solar Split Air Conditioner
Solar Powered Air Conditioner Split Type

Aquasolar Air Cooler Image


Aquasolar Air Cooler
The Alternative to Air Conditioning!

Solar Telecommunication

Solar IP Camera Image


Solar IP Camera
Stand Alone Web Security Camera

Solar Rural Telephony Image


Solar Rural Telephony
Aquario Solar Kit Phone

Solar Charging Station Image


Solar Charging Station
Solar Business Opportunity

Solar Phone-Fax System Image


Solar Phone-Fax System
Solar Remote Communication

Solar Kits

Mini Solar Home System Image


Mini Solar Home System
2 Led lights bulbs and universal USB charge

Mini Solar Lighting System Image


Mini Solar Lighting System
Solar Kit with Led Lighting and USB Fan

Mini Solar TV/Light Kit Image


Mini Solar TV/Light Kit
Short Description

Solar Lighting and Fan kit Image


Solar Lighting and Fan kit
3 LED Bulbs, USB Charger and 4" Fan

Portable Power Systems

Portable Emergency Power Image


Portable Emergency Power
Portable Generator powered by Solar panel

Portasol Image


Portable Solar Generator

Portable Solar Briefcase Image


Portable Solar Briefcase
300 Watt Solar Generator with 30 Watt Panel

Emergency Solar Generator Image


Emergency Solar Generator
500 W Output 120 VAC, USB Charger, 20 Watt Solar Panel

Solar Lighting

Solar LED Street light  Image


Solar LED Street light
The Green Solution

Solar Street Light With Camera  Image


Solar Street Light With Camera
Solar Led Street Lamp with Security Camera

Solar Led Outdoor Light Image


Solar Led Outdoor Light
20 Watt Led Outdoor Light

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