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This submersible water pump is powered by an 60 Watt, 12V solar panel and operates in sunny or cloudy conditions, providing an 8-hour continuous duty cycle on average. Can be used for flood control, sump pump applications, drainage, industrial applications and more. Solar products provide a clean source of Energy, and they help you to reduce your electrical bill by controlling energy from the sun.

Package Includes: Solar Panel, submersible water pump, extension cord (30M), water tube (30M), solar panel support, & spare parts.

Features and Specifications:
Water head: 10M average, 100L / Day
Works in sunny or cloudy weather
Max 20M
Works on average 8 hours a day
Carbon brush life: Over 3000 hours
Motor: Permanent Magnet
Amps: 4.0 Max
Solar Panel: 60W
Voltage: 12V DC
Material: High strength plastics, stainless steel fasteners
Features permanent magnet motor and high strength plastic construction with stainless steel fasteners
Includes 98.4-ft. power cord and 98.4-ft. water tube
32.8ft. (10M) head
Moves up to 26.4 gallons of water per day (100L)

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