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AQUASOLAR CORPORATION present the new airlift pump AQUALIFT with a flow of 30 GPM (Gallons Per Minutes) and a lift of 500'
Originally developed for use in solar irrigation, SOLAR AQUALIFT have a wide range of applications and are the only water pump chambers that operate reliably in abrasive, corrosive and mineralised situations, or when run dry. THE ONLY SUBMERSIBLE PUMP WITH NO MOBILE PARTS.

The pneumatic solar submersible pump is constructed entirely of specially selected, tough Non-metallic, non-corroding materials.
There are no troublesome electrics down the hole. No level instruments are required.
There is no need for power at the pump site. The pneumatic solar pump is air operated, making it very versatile, as a compressor can be driven by just about any source, such as electricity, wind, the sun or any renewable generator.
Low pressure compressed air can be supplied from a great distance through cheap piping, saving on costly installation of power cables.

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