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A Complete Wind Generator Powered Water Pump Kit

Aquasolar Wind Powered Water Pump (Complete Installation Kit)

Aquasolar Wind Pump System Complete Kit – The Rutland wind water pump kit offers a cost-effective, simple and efficient wind-pumping system in the even the most remote locations.The Aquasolar Wind-Electric Pump Kit not only compact and virtually silent, but it also provides a reliable source of portable water for isolated communities or drainage, livestock watering and irrigation purposes. It is one the simplest and most efficient wind-pumping systems available, based on our established Aquasolar Windcharger that is connected to an electric pump via an interface controller, no battery is required. The controller also accepts power input from solar panels so that a hybrid system may be operated to take full advantage of available power day and night. The Aquasolar Wind Pump Kit pumps water from a depth of up to 25m at isolated locations in all climates. Greater depths are also possible. The Aquasolar Kit overcomes many of the problems associated with traditional wind pumps that often need a strong wind to overcome high initial mechanical torque to start and have to shut down in relatively low wind speeds.

Key Product Features :

Features user-friendly interface controller
Maximizes flow rates over all wind conditions
Features an LED indicator to show pump status
The kit controller is both efficient and clean accepts further input of up to 100 Watt of solar panels (2×50 Watt panels) for better performance
24 Hour operating potential gives high average daily flow rates
Reservoir float switch included to preserve pump life, switching the pump off when tank is full
The pump is both clean and very quiet
Provides a water supply that is versatile and safe
Built-in safety features are included
Easy installation and operation no specialized knowledge required for installation and operation
Only basic tools required for installation
No batteries needed
Can work even in the lightest of winds
The pump is extremely durable, Long life, durable and reliable components, Weather proof interface controller and brackets for pole or wall mounting

This kit consists of:

1 x Aquasolar Windcharger (please contact us to confirm which wind charger is most appropriate.)
1 x Weather proof interface controller and brackets for pole or wall mounting
1 x Float switch kit
1 x Potable water hose 30m and electrical cable 30m
1 x Support rope, cable ties, fixings etc
Optional solar panels available: 2 each x 30 Watt, 40 Watt or 50 Watt

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