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Wind Street Lighting

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Solar Wind Hybrid Street Lights.

Detailed Description

features of solar and wind hybrid street light:
Two lighting systems are designed into one combined system, if some days there is sunlight but no wind energy, the solar panel charges the battery. Similarly if some days there is wind energy but no sunlight, the wind turbine can power the battery. If both wind & solar energy is enough, both can charge the battery. The wind turbine continues to work around the clock supplying energy for the system.

The lamp has been designed to maximize efficient use of the energy generated using a energy-saving luminaries which is switched automatically by a light sensor.
It is intended for permanent installations and can be located in the remotest of sites since no mains services are required saving on installation costs, inconvenience and time. whole system is virtually maintenance free and there are NO daily running costs the power is completely free and clean
a. Wind power: 300w
b. Solar panel: 90W . Solar panels conversion efficiency >15% and average life is at least 20years.
c. Light source: 30W low pressure sodium lamp.
d. Battery: Sealed colloid lead-acid battery. Battery capacity: 120AH/12V
e. Applied temperature: -40Deg C to +60Deg C.
f. Micro computer controller: With protection of over-charging, over-discharging, over-loading..
g. Pole: Steelplate, plastic coating after zinc-plate.
h: Pole height: 6 meter
i: Distance from ground to lamp: 4-5meter
j: Lighting time per day: 6-8 hours
k: Continuously work with 4 cloudy/rainy days.

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